Another Way


If there was any doubt that Jahan and Smith were behind what happened to Nigel Moyer, this conversation should put those doubts to rest.

The leak also confirms what Hulong had revealed in their recent Anomaly Intel: That Jahan may attempt to retrieve the key to Nigel’s research from his pattern within the Ultimate.


JAHAN: I should never have trusted you with this operation.
SMITH: I did what you told me. He was old. Frail. There was risk.
JAHAN: Incompetent fool.
SMITH: You told me to get the key. I did what had to be done.
JAHAN: I never should have trusted you with this. You destroyed my only chance of obtaining it.
SMITH: Perhaps. But perhaps not.
JAHAN: What?
SMITH: You know of Akira Tsukasa?
JAHAN: I know who she is.
SMITH: She built on some work that Schubert did for Visur.
JAHAN: What is it?
SMITH: In theory, those who have been patterned deeply exist in the Ultimate as complete replicas of themselves. Nigel lived his whole life exploring XM and the Portals.
JAHAN: I see, and Tsukasa believes this data can be accessed? Retrieved from the Ultimate?
SMITH: She wrote a paper. Hulong intercepted a copy. It’s never been tried, the XM needs were massive. Beyond anything Hulong would ever have access to.
JAHAN: Send me the paper. I’ll find a way. And disappear your mess.


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