A message from Jahan


Jahan: We intend to foil Jarvis, prevent his attack on ADA. The Resistance must win at the #AegisNova Anomalies on June 25.

I just received this statement from none other than Jahan. She asked that it be published in full, I have obliged.

Resistance Agents,

We must claim the Aegis Nova Anomalies on June 25th. The Enlightened have an advantage: By probing Klue’s mind, Jarvis has gained access to critical information about ADA… her most secret vulnerabilities. The Acolyte intends to use this knowledge to incapacitate, perhaps even destroy ADA.

We have one chance to stop this: If I can gain access to Nigel Moyer’s research using the energy from the #AegisNova Anomalies, I will be able to transform the #AegisNova shield into a highly focused and powerful XM weapon — a weapon capable of stopping Jarvis and foiling the Acolyte’s ill-conceived plans.

Nigel Moyer may have passed, but his memories remain within the Portals — inside the substrate known as the Ultimate. I intend to access these memories in order to learn how to transform the Aegis Nova shield.

ADA represents our best path into the future, one where technology and information empower, improve and equalize human society. We must achieve victory on Saturday.



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