Pattern Retrieval


This leaked transcript confirms the rumor that Jahan plans to reach into the Ultimate using the energy from the Aegis Nova Anomalies.

If the Resistance win and she succeeds, she will have gained access to Nigel Moyer’s memory of the encryption code that hides his research.

With that research in hand, her goal of transforming the Aegis Nova shield into a weapon to use against Jarvis will be within reach.


SMITH: You read Akira Tsukasa’s research paper?
JAHAN: I did. She’s brilliant. I understand why Calvin trusted her to expand IQTech into Japan.
SMITH: Do you think it’s possible? Her idea?
JAHAN: More than possible. Akira’s theory is that, with enough XM energy, one can reverse the patterning process for a brief moment.
SMITH: So, instead of a person being patterned by the Portals… their experiences and thoughts written into the Ultimate…dgq36lrnlyu;yi468/u
JAHAN: Correct, part of a pattern could be read from the Ultimate… pulled back through the Portals into this dimension.
SMITH: And you think you can use this method to… look into Nigel’s mind?
JAHAN: His memories. His thoughts when he met with Susanna.
SMITH: He shared part of the code he used to lock his research with her.
JAHAN: Correct. And at that moment, the entire code would have been in his mind.
SMITH: So you will retrieve it. Use it to unlock his research.
JAHAN: And then transform the Aegis Nova shield and use it to strike at Jarvis.
SMITH: But what about the XM cost?
JAHAN: The Anomaly on Saturday will solve that.
SMITH: Only if the Resistance win, though.
JAHAN: No, when the Resistance win. Our goal is too important. Failure is not an option.


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