ADA’s Odd Behavior



I received a call from a most unexpected source.

He never explicitly asked to speak off the record, and even if he did… well… If you talk to someone who’s dedicated to exposing what goes on in the shadows, you might expect your conversation will end up on his website.7f7a7baca998899a7d8a96ada8ad8899

The news he shared was worrying. I transcribed a portion of our conversation. Read it and you’ll see what’s troubling me.

OLIVER: I was hoping to chat with you about a mutual lady friend.
PAC: Which friend.
OLIVER: Terribly intelligent. Smooth, confident voice. Tends to worry about things.
PAC: Lives in a cloud of ones and zeroes?
OLIVER: The same. For a change, I’m the one concerned about her.
PAC: Why, what happened?
OLIVER: She’s started to do some strange things. For brief moments, then she goes back to normal.
PAC: Define strange things.
OLIVER: She forgot my name earlier today for a few minutes.
PAC: Forgot your name?yyb23dse245xv
OLIVER: We were working on a problem. She stopped and said ‘How strange that I don’t know your name, doctor,’ and then continued as normal. Two minutes later I was ‘Oliver’ again.
PAC: Temporary memory loss. That’s interesting, but could be fluke. Maybe a core somewhere suddenly died and was being recreated at that exact moment.
OLIVER: Of course, but add five more incidents and it starts to look like a pattern.
PAC: It happened again?
OLIVER: Different things. We were working on a relatively small dataset, a few dozen terabytes. She started to run a query, then stopped and asked me what to do. Multiple times. It took her eight attempts.
PAC: Huh.
OLIVER: And then there was what happened last night.
PAC: Well don’t leave me hanging.
OLIVER: She woke me up quite forcefully. Then she asked me if I had ever had a nightmare. I said of course.
PAC: Who hasn’t.
OLIVER: Exactly. I asked her why she was asking the question.
PAC: What’d she say?
OLIVER: She said she thought she might be having one, and wasn’t sure how to make it stop.

My guess as to what’s going on? I suspect that the Acolyte and Jarvis are exploring various things they discovered from Klue’s mind. None of what Lynton-Wolfe is describing seems like a full-blown attack on ADA. They are simply testing the waters. Seeing where the vulnerabilities are. And I think they are starting to find some.


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