PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: June 26, 2016


Much of last week centered around Jahan’s goals for the second set of Aegis Nova Anomalies on June 25th.

A leaked conversation between her and Antoine Smith (an operative with known ties to Strategic Explorations and Anti-Magnus) confirmed that Nigel Moyer had been Smith’s captive during the final days of his life. Smith had been charged by Jahan with obtaining the decryption key to the Aegis Nova weaponization research, and went too far during his interrogation. The result was Nigel Moyer’s death, and whether she wants to admit it or not, it seems fairly clear that that death is on Jahan’s hands.

Having failed at gaining the decryption key directly, Jahan began to pursue a moonshot. She learned that the Japanese XM visionary, Maj. Akira Tsukasa, had developed a way to extract memories from the Ultimate (a transdimensional information layer first revealed to us by Jarvis). Unfortunately, the method had never been tested and the XM costs were massive. Jahan, however, was not deterred. She believed that a strong Resistance victory at the XM Anomalies on June 25th would be able to provide the XM she needed to reach into the Ultimate and extract Nigel’s memories of the decryption key.

The key, of course, was just a means to an end. In a statement directly from the Resistance leader herself, Jahan stated that her true goal was to strike Jarvis, and by extension, protect ADA from whatever highly targeted attack method the Acolyte has managed to develop using the knowledge from Klue’s mind.

It does seem that ADA may be at risk. I had a brief conversation with Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, and he revealed to me that ADA had begun acting strangely. These could be symptoms caused by the Acolyte testing some of her new and sophisticated attack vectors against the AI.

In the end, Jahan’s plans were dust. The Enlightened claimed the June 25th Anomalies by a large margin (and if you missed any of the action, the Anomaly Live Stream is well worth a re-watch). Nigel’s decryption key is likely lost forever, and Jahan’s only hope to protecting ADA is to prevent the Enlightened from using the Tokyo XM Anomaly to launch their attack against the AI. With no weapon to use against Jarvis, the most she can hope for is to succeed on defensive grounds.

Until next time.


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