Akira Tsukasa Spotted near NL-PRIME Test Facility


This surveilled image was attached to a recent intel report about Akira Tsukasa. It was taken while the famous researcher was working on a field test for NL-PRIME . My source tells me that the mobile XM testing environment is being prepared for rapid deployment and activation.

Tsukasa has been leading experiments that study Exotic Matter and its effects from a number of different of aspects:

Via NL-Prime, she has been exploring XM’s mind-enhancing and extra-sensory properties.

Based on the research paper that Jahan came upon recently, Tsukasa also seems to be exploring the nature of the Ultimate and how it can be used as a retrieval system for memories and other parts of a person’s pattern.

In addition, some sources suggest that she’s been testing the use of XM as a rejuvenating substance (perhaps similar to how it functions in XM simulacra?). These sources claim that she has been using herself as the subject of these experiments, and has been able to successfully mitigate some of the physical effects of her own aging process.

It’s pretty clear to me that Akira Tsukasa is on her way to being one of the most influential researchers in the world of Ingress. Reports suggest she’ll be on the ground at the Tokyo Aegis Nova Anomaly. I suspect we’ll learn much more about her as her influence begins to spread.



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