A letter from Jahan



I received a copy of this letter from Jahan to members of her Faction. She fears that the Acolyte will use the Anomaly in Tokyo to launch a major strike against ADA.


My friends.

Our plan was ambitious. Optimistic.H\N3\N3\YZCHLMBH\VMCN\NJ\NKDME

We aimed high: Our goal was to obtain Nigel Moyer’s research so that we could transform the Aegis Nova shield into a weapon… a weapon we could use against Roland Jarvis.

We could not achieve this goal on Saturday, but I want all of my friends in the Resistance to be clear: this is not the end of the line for us.

The Acolyte has learned many of ADA’s weaknesses. There is some evidence that she and Jarvis have already begun to test some of the vulnerabilities they have discovered.

But if they are to launch a truly powerful attack against ADA — one that could threaten ADA across her entire distributed and replicated self — they will need the power contained inside the Tokyo Aegis Nova Anomaly.

We may not be able to strike against Jarvis, but we can still hope to foil the Acolyte’s attack on ADA.

We must succeed in Tokyo. If we fail, ADA may be severely compromised, and I suspect that we will all be affected if that happens.gukgkgyrytpctnhaqz

Resistance. Focus on your plans for the day. Rally your fellow Agents.

We must protect ADA.



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