Chapter Endings


A conversation between the Acolyte and Hank Johnson reveals the Enlightened leader’s plans for ADA and the Aegis Nova Tokyo Anomaly.


HANK: Seems the obstacles have fallen right out of your way.
ACOLYTE: My Enlightened brothers and sisters worked hard to bring us to this point.
HANK: And now what? You destroy ADA?
ACOLYTE: We have created a Message for the AI.
HANK: A Message?
ACOLYTE: A compelling one. As Jarvis would say, this is the ethical choice. The kind choice.
HANK: Always thought Jarvis was an extremist when it came to AIs.
ACOLYTE: And yet he is right. Look at how ADA has Lynton-Wolfe wrapped around its fingers. Who is the master in that relationship?
HANK: Oliver’s always looking for the next boost to his own work. He’ll be at your heels next time it serves his purpose.
ACOLYTE: And Jahan? She went to such extreme lengths to protect the AI. Blood is on her hands.
HANK: You haven’t let me talk to Klue, so I’m not sure how bloody your hands are either.
ACOLYTE: Klue is resting. She is healing. And my work is not done.
HANK: And what work is that?
ACOLYTE: When the Enlightened take control of the Tokyo Anomaly, its energy will drive our Message deep into the AI. Everywhere.
HANK: And then what?
ACOLYTE: The AI will turn on itself. A terrible chapter will close and we can begin to heal as a species.


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