Susanna’s Mission


A message has surfaced from Susanna Moyer. She seems to have received some help from an unexpected source… and her mission remains clear in her mind…


Last week in San Diego I shared my feelings about Jahan with many of you. I think I was pretty clear: She is personally responsible for what happened to my father, Nigel Moyer.

I’m not really interested in what her intentions were. Not interested in what mistakes were made. Not interested in who she delegated what task to and how things got this screwed up.

I have lost my father. The world has lost a brilliant mind and a noble soul — a man of principle and wisdom. And all this happened because of Jahan… her ambition and her relentless pursuit of the N’zeer.

Meanwhile, she sits safely in her palace in India. Free of responsibility. Oblivious of the pain and suffering she has caused. Continuing to plot.

I was recently contacted by someone unexpected. I guess she heard what I had to say in San Diego.

The Acolyte has offered to connect me with a network of Enlightened and 13MAGNUS operatives who can help me find Jahan’s palace. I have accepted this offer.

Jahan, I’m sure you or one of your underlings is reading this. Good.

I’ll see you very soon. We have some things to talk about.

Susanna Moyer via Google+


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