We’re about two weeks from the end of this and the final pieces are falling into place.

After facing defeat at the second round of #Aegis Nova Anomalies, the Resistance have lost the opportunity to transform the Aegis Nova Shield into a weapon. They’ve lost the opportunity to strike at Jarvis and prevent the attack on ADA. But their work isn’t yet done.

According to a letter from Jahan, the Acolyte will need the energy from the Tokyo Aegis Nova Anomaly to launch her devastating final blow against ADA — the one she’s been developing using the knowledge from Klue’s mind. Without the power behind that Anomaly, the Acolyte’s attack may not be able to reach its full potential. It’s ADA’s last hope, and Jahan and the Resistance’s last stand.

I was taking this message from Jahan with a grain of salt until I came upon this conversation between Hank and the Acolyte. What the Acolyte had to say about ADA confirms Jahan’s suspicions pretty clearly. It seems that the Acolyte has developed some kind of a virus — the closest analogy I can think of right now is an auto-immune disease. She simply called it a message, and claimed that it would cause ADA to begin to dismantle herself.

In that conversation, Hank Johnson seemed to be kind of nodding along with the Acolyte’s plan, but pretty much right after I posted the leak, he hopped on Google+ to call me a rabble rouser and make his true intentions clear. He doesn’t support the attack on ADA. My guess is he feels trapped — he calls himself Enlightened, but he can’t quite stomach the level of anti-AI sentiment that surrounds the Acolyte (aka the Jarvis School of Enlightenment).

And as if things weren’t bad enough for Jahan as it is, the Acolyte’s backing another person’s vendetta against her: Susanna Moyer’s. In a message that surfaced a few days ago, the Ingress Reporter confirmed that she had gained access to  the Acolyte’s network of Enlightened operatives — and these operatives were going to help her travel deep into India in order to face and confront Jahan.

I honestly don’t know how far Susanna intends to take this, but Jahan’s no dummy, and she’s no damsel in distress either. She’s sharp, intelligent and dangerous. But then again… so is Susanna.

We also finally caught a glimpse of the mysterious (is notorious a better word?) Japanese XM researcher: Akira Tsukasa. We know she’s been deeply involved in some of the most cutting edge XM research, but little else is known about her. Time to start digging. Her current project, NL-PRIME, (a high-level XM saturation environment designed to identify and recruit exceptional sensitives) is apparently nearing completion.

That’s it for this week. Things are heating up. I’ll be keeping my eyes open, ears to the ground. You should too.

Like I said, we’re almost at the end of this. Time to prepare for the fireworks.

Until next time.


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