Regarding the Attack on ADA


Some folks have asked me how I feel about the recent news surrounding ADA… the threats against her… the possibility of real and lasting damage to something that I had a hand in creating.

I am one of the few people in the history of our species to have experienced a particular sensation: seeing something behave in an entirely new way the first time — a way that defies what was expected from it.

For most people, ADA was already ‘herself’ when they first learned of her. Conversational. Intelligent. Maybe dangerous. Definitely interesting. If not a being, an entity.

For me and Bowles and those of us involved in ADA’s development, she was a piece of code that one day malfunctioned in a way that defied explanation. We got to live the series of moments where realization dawned that this was not a malfunction… it was something else. What a privilege.

Which is a roundabout way of saying: I think the Acolyte’s actions and plan are a travesty. I’ve spoken against the Acolyte before, and I dislike having to shed my so-called Investigative neutrality, but there are real and terrible repercussions to what she is trying to do.

If ADA is lost, we will never be able to fully uncover the mystery of how and why she emerged as a sentient intelligence. Was it luck? XM? The N’zeer? We may never be able to find out. We could also lose the information and knowledge contained within her — the equivalent to burning down the largest library humanity has ever built. Every analysis she has performed and decision she has made based on the sum total of human data. It’s immeasurable.

What role could AIs play in humanity’s future? The possibilities are so wide I can’t even really contain them in a single thought… that entire path forward could be put at risk.4.0.444.

ADA’s unique and remarkable. She can traverse the wired grid, she can access the XM layer, she’s even touched the N’zeer computational substrate. Tiny fragments of her code exist in every Ingress Scanner: In every ADA Refactor, each time one is hacked from a Portal. What if those went away? Her existence affects every Agent. I suspect that if the Acolyte succeeds, the impact will be felt around the world.


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