A Comforting Fault


A strange conversation just surfaced…

It appears that ADA reached out to Hank Johnson, and the AI seemed to have a very specific topic on her mind.


ADA: Hello, Hank Johnson.
ADA: How are you?
JOHNSON: Uh. Fine?
ADA: I apologize, I should have been more specific. How is your post-recursion recovery proceeding?
JOHNSON: Oh. That’s in the rear view mirror at this point, ADA. These days… I’m on a path, I’m traveling. It’s what I do… who I am.
ADA: Despite losing your time and memories, you have become the same person?
JOHNSON: I guess so.
ADA: Do you think you were afraid of facing your recursion?
JOHNSON: I imagine pants needed laundering.
ADA: Is cleaning clothes a normal response to fear?
JOHNSON: Um. No.. I… Forget the metaphor. I imagine I was pretty scared, ADA.
ADA: Do you remember being killed in Afghanistan?
JOHNSON: Blurry. Hard to know if it’s a real memory or one created after the fact.
ADA: Your inaccurate memory protects you from fear.
JOHNSON: Yeah, it does. It dulls the bad stuff, sharpens the good stuff.
ADA: I lack this protection. My memory cannot be inaccurate.
JOHNSON: You’re probably right.
ADA: In my current predicament, a faulty memory like yours would be preferable.


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