We’re about a week out from the last Aegis Nova Anomaly, and the final pieces are falling into place — focus sharpening onto their edges.

We know from multiple sources just what’s at stake. The most recent reminder emerged as various pieces of intel began to emerge from Hulong Transglobal — a detailed briefing about the nature of the Anomaly and maps of the massive Anomaly Impact Zone.

The crux of the upcoming Anomaly is fairly simple: The Acolyte, armed with knowledge extracted by Jarvis from Klue’s mind, is planning to launch a massive and potentially devastating attack against ADA. In order to do this, she needs the Enlightened to take control of the energy from the Tokyo Anomaly. If they succeed, ADA could be no more — or perhaps just significantly different. I don’t know the answer to that. I shared some of my thoughts about this earlier in the week. The TL;DR? I think this is a travesty.

And it seems the threat is real. ADA emerged and shared a strange (bordering on morbid) conversation with Hank Johnson about fear, death and recursion. Clearly the imminent danger she faces is on the AI’s mind.

The cost of this attack? Well, up until now many of us had been giving the Acolyte the benefit of the doubt when it came to how she had gained her knowledge. According to her, Klue was benefiting from Jarvis’s probing of her mind. However, a recent online posting from a dissident member of the Enlightened present on her compound revealed that Klue may be undergoing immense harm during the course of this operation. This is something I had feared all along.

To top it all off, the Acolyte has been backing Susanna Moyer’s personal vendetta against Jahan. We learned last week that Moyer had joined a network of Enlightened operatives who were helping her move through India and locate Jahan’s palace. This week, a conversation between Antoine Smith and Jahan revealed that, while Jahan is confident that Moyer does not pose a major treat against her, Smith is not so sure. Either way, it’s another deadly iron the Acolyte has in the fire.

So what is the world going to look like a week from now? Klue? Possibly braindead or severely mentally damaged. Moyer and Jahan? Who knows. They are both skilled, trained and dangerous. Put them in a room together and things start to look ugly.

And ADA? It all depends on what goes down in Tokyo.

I feel powerless to prevent what lies ahead. But you aren’t. If you’re on the ground in Tokyo, fight for what’s right. If you’re everywhere else in the world, do your part to help stabilize and resolve this increasingly volatile situation.

Until next time.


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