Susanna Moyer: An update from India


Susanna Moyer just posted an update. She’s arrived in India, and it seems she’s receiving logistical support from a local Enlightened group. An odd message filled with strange images. Not quite sure what to make of it. Read for yourself and see.


Here. In Maharashtra. Now the real hunt begins. No one on this side of the line knows exactly where her Palace is. They say sometimes you can see it as a disturbance in the Scanner, but it might not be there when you go to inspect what you thought you saw.gdkdodkgrdkgdrwddroudrkggdrdkgdsosrdwgkodrrdgggrwggdrdoudrdrrdgggrwgkudr

So hot. Stifling air everywhere. Then wind. It rains. Then the air is dead again, the heat like a noose.

Some of the Enlightened here… they have strange marks on their skin. I’ve only seen them in fleeting moments. The rest of the people treat them with a strange kind of awe and respect. I’ve never been able to talk to one of them or see the marks up close, they stay in private and definitely seem to be avoiding strangers like me.

I’ve started having strange dreams. Ancient gods who look down at me with gleaming weapons. Do they stand against me or are they here to guide me? Not sure. Their faces are complex. Between blinks they transform from wise and benevolent guide to cold and impersonal judgment of the universe.

Feel like the heat, the travel, the exhaustion, the pressure, the anticipation. It all might be getting to me. Is this what Hank went through when he traveled this path?

Not going to turn back. Jahan knows I’m coming. That’s OK. I’m not alone.

Susanna Moyer via Google+


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