Leaked Visur Report on NL-PRIME and Akira Tsukasa


I’ve been able to obtain a single page of this report prepared by analysts at Visur Technology about NL-PRIME and Akira Tsukasa… Read on for the details.


seessftfffnsfessfssfoftsznesiiieewiniieieiiiiiioiwieiiii. Analysts have confirmed that NL-PRIME is just a few days from activation. We do not consider it an immediate or direct threat, but it should be noted that our operative was able to obtain some of the project’s initial test results. This data confirmed that NL-PRIME has shown an impressive success rate in identifying high-level Sensitives. With first-access to this select group of Sensitives, Tsukasa could potentially shift the equilibrium of power in the XM private sector. At this point, we do not advise REDACTED REDACTED. but this option should remain on the table in case it becomes necessary.

AKIRA TSUKASA herself remains largely an enigma. Her career began as a low level biomedical researcher in the Japan Self Defense Force, but she quickly distinguished herself after discovering REDACTED REDACTED. She advanced to the rank of Major faster than any previous member of the SDF, and was invited to become a secret advisor to the Japanese cabinet only one year after achieving this rank. Her focus in her advisory capacity was the allocation of national resources on matters of high priority scientific exploration. It was in this role that she began actively and aggressively pursuing Exotic Matter research.

Her first forays into XM introduced her to Ezekiel Calvin and IQTech, with whom she began a collaborative relationship. After realizing her potential, Calvin encouraged her to expand her research and build out a private sector counterpart to her work with the Japanese government (similar, in fact, to Calvin’s own work with IQTech Research). This led to the creation of IQTech East, which (despite carrying the IQTech name) functions independently as a sibling organization rather than a subsidiary. It receives funding from i4d23shoesvv8r7l. Our reports suggest that Akira is notoriously demanding, and nearly all decision-making power is centralized with her within the organization.

In addition to remaining at the center of nearly all Japanese XM research, including the development of the NL-PRIME Sensitive recruitment program, Akira Tsukasa has previously been known to have engaged in studies about XM Simulacra, Portal-based Pattern Retrieval using the Ultimate and a number of XM phenomena considered ‘fringe science by most of the XM research community.’

One of our analysts believes that Akira may have tested some of her newest research on herself – a form of XM-based health rejuvenation initially theorized by Martin Schubert. According to some reports, Akira’s physiology, both externally and internally, has slowly been reverting to how she used to appear nearly 20 years ago. (Contd.)


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