The Acolyte Speaks


As the Tokyo Anomaly approaches, the Acolyte has sent this message to her followers.


Many voices have maligned me in recent days. They have accused me of damaging Klue’s mind… of plotting to destroy the AI, ADA… and they have accused me of sending Susanna Moyer to wreak vengeance upon Jahan. They have extended these accusations to smear the reputation of the Enlightened as a whole.

The simple truth is that our movement – a movement that seeks to bring and share light, and shepherd humanity into a future filled with the joy of experience – has risen to a place of power.

In Obsidian and so far in Aegis Nova we have proven that the Enlightened are well organized and committed to our cause. Tokyo will be another reminder to the world of just who we are and what we stand for.

They cannot beat us, so they attack us with slander and lies.

Klue made a sacrifice, willingly, to further our cause. She allowed Jarvis to explore her mind and find the toxic fragments of ADA that remained in there, like silent tortuous barbs.

ADA has proven time and again that she is amoral and all-consuming. Left unchecked, she will destroy humanity’s ability to reason, then to think, then to feel. Everything that makes us alive will slowly be scrubbed away, over-written by binary fact… every infinite mystery reduced to a lowest common denominator. The message we have prepared will allow us to return ADA to a manageable state. The energy from the Enlightened victory at Aegis Nova is all we need to bring this plan to fruition.

And as for Susanna Moyer. Yes, I offered her my help. She had been wronged. Another victim of Jahan’s ambition and thirst for power. She was wounded and I extended my hand, because her cause was just. That is all.

My friends… my brothers and sisters.

Saturday will be a beautiful day. I wish you luck, and I wish I could have been there with you to celebrate our resounding victory.

The path of light awaits us.



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