Jahan responds to Acolyte


Well, that didn’t take long.

Jahan sent this out just a few hours following my publication earlier of a message from the Acolyte.


I have no intention of offering a point for point rebuttal of the Acolyte’s frankly absurd message from earlier today.

I know who you are. Both Resistance and Enlightened, I have met many of you. Talked with you. Learned your stories.

You are a force of intelligent and dedicated people. Committed and passionate. I disagree with some of you, but I know your strengths.

And none of you are gullible enough to buy the Acolyte’s crap.

The evidence is clear. The level of secrecy around Klue alone should raise eyebrows. The Acolyte and Jarvis are so blinded by their hatred of AIs that they have scrambled Klue’s mind.

It took a whistleblower from her compound, sneaking a message out, for us to learn this. I fear for that whistleblower’s safety.

And all for what? A twenty-first century book burning. Our efforts led to the creation of ADA. She is the natural product of an evolving, learning, science-driven species. And they have decided they don’t like it, so they’ll deny it to everyone, like a child would break a toy to torment his playmates.

And as for Susanna Moyer: Tragedy upon tragedy. Her father was old and frail. He was our guest, and we offered him the finest medical care during his time with us. I have no need to lie: Yes, I wanted to learn about his research. But beyond that, he was treated like an honored friend.

Sending her to attack me was silly. The Acolyte exploited Susanna’s pain. It was a venture destined to end in further tragedy, as it has.

There is one thing I was wrong about: I said I would not offer a point-for-poing rebuttal of the Acolyte’s message, but her statements were too offensive to leave unanswered.

My friends. I will stand with you in Tokyo. We will not allow the Acolyte to strike down ADA.

Prepare. Victory awaits us.



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