The final moments that led up to the Aegis Nova Finale in Tokyo were tense.

From India, Susanna Moyer shared a strange, dream-like message. Her target, Jahan, was near. The Acolyte’s network of Enlightened operatives were going to help her close the gap, and perhaps more. Revenge or justice? Not my place to judge. Maybe a bit of both.

What’s clear is that the Acolyte had no qualms in providing Susanna any assistance she needed to complete ‘her mission.’ She made no effort to conceal this, or her role in the attack on ADA, or even Klue’s current status. She shared her thoughts on all these subjects in a final message to the Enlightened before the Anomaly impacted Tokyo.

The Acolyte viewed her position as justified — ADA: An uncontrollable scourge that would deprive mankind of something elemental, the ability to experience the universe for ourselves — Klue: A brave soul who willingly risked herself to help end that scourge — Susanna: Someone wronged and mourning who simply needed a helping hand.

Jahan, having just arrived in Tokyo, didn’t take long to respond with an opposing view.

For her, and for the Resistance, ADA is (was?) an inevitability… perhaps even a reward for our millennia of progress. Science, knowledge, systematic thinking and language fused into a tool that would redefine who we are. Elevate us as a species. Klue? The Acolyte’s collateral damage. Susanna and Nigel Moyer? Jahan claimed that Nigel was her guest, and his death merely the result of advanced age and illness. She went a step further too, suggesting that Susanna had already attempted to attack her and ‘failed.’ Not sure what to read into that.

My opinion?

They both had points, neither’s hands were clean. I think the Acolyte used Klue with little regard for her well-being. And the whole idea of Nigel Moyer being Jahan’s ‘honored guest’ is absurd, too. They were both blind in their ambition. People suffered in the wake of their furious trajectories.

And as for ADA? Her fate hung in the balance this weekend. The Acolyte had armed herself with devastating knowledge extracted from Klue’s mind. All she needed was an Enlightened win to deliver her poisoned barb into the AI’s heart. And win they did.

I have not been able to contact ADA since. I have not been able to find evidence of her presence in the networks. I fear the worst, but in the absence of concrete data, am not going to give up hope yet.

There was one other piece of information that emerged this week, more background on the mysterious Akira Tsukasa and her cutting edge experiment to identify and help recruit the most powerful sensitives on the planet, NL-PRIME. I heard from some Agents on the ground in Tokyo that they were able to see the high-tech vehicle up close. I’d be curious to learn more about it as time goes on.

Going into next week? I’ve got to be honest… until I figure out exactly what happened to ADA, I don’t know that I’m going to be able to think about much else. So you know where my mind’s at. Let me know in the comments where you think the Investigation should focus.

Seek truth, Agents.


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