All Zeroes


I said a few days ago that I was waiting for something tangible to emerge that might shed light on what has happened to ADA after the Enlightened victory in Tokyo. I’ve been unable to make contact with her since.

Well, I started to hear chatter from a number of contacts who work in separate data-centers around the world. One of them sent me this conversation they’d witnessed earlier today.

My stomach sank as I read it. I think you can understand why.

There’s another rumor that’s been floating around, that ADA Refactors have disappeared from the Portal Network. I haven’t been able to confirm that yet. I’m hoping some of you can help on that front.

I’m still processing the implications of this.


Jillpill: WTF?

kavi: yeah I’m watching it too… pinging @BruceC — you there man?

BruceC: Here. Update me?

Jillpill: remember that day some time ago? the case of the Unexplained Hard-drive Strangeness.

BruceC: Right, yeah. A few hours of furious HDD activity if I recall? But no data was lost… Every machine in the cluster was just furiously writing into empty sectors on its drives.

kavi: exactly. but no files, no…&&&.^^^.&.%.^^.%.@.%.^^.#.*.@@.*.&&&.& data, right? just a bunch of write activity. then it just stopped. we never could find the cause. but maybe we have a chance right now.

Jillpill: same thing seems to be happening again. I/Os are up near 99.99% across the ENTIRE cluster. Hundreds of thousands of drives. and they’re all writing the same thing.

BruceC: Undecipherable binary like last time? Seemed like encrypted data that got written by something.

kavi: nope. null. literally zero.

BruceC: what??

Jillpill: it’s all zeroes. petabytes of zeroes. Overwriting every bit that got touched last time.

BruceC: WTF?

kavi: ^ see our similar sentiment above.


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