Missed Connection


I was curious (and honestly, concerned), after yesterday about where Susanna is and what her status is. I was able to make contact with a guy who I’m only going to identify as JP. Occasionally, Susanna has worked with him in the past to help get footage at Anomalies… cover more ground than she could alone.

According to JP, who just got back from Tokyo, Susanna was supposed to meet him there. They had set up a rendezvous spot, she never showed. He had a few different contact methods for her – he was unable to reach her either before, during, or after the Anomaly.

He said he wasn’t sure where she lives or he would have helped me go check her place once he got back to the USA.

So, take that for what you will… it’s not a lot of hard intel, but it’s a few direct pieces of evidence from someone I know to be reliable. I doubt the story ends here, but at least we know the first few sentences.

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