This week, the Investigation has had two primary focal points. The first was ADA:

News began to surface early in the week that massive, unexplained disk operations were taking place in data-centers around the world. After I learned this, I reached out to a few sources, one of whom sent me a transcript of some internal chatter at one of these data-centers. The chatter revealed that huge tracts of disk space (areas where ADA may have potentially been hiding parts of her presence) were being overwritten by zeroes. Null data. It’s very likely that this was the result of the Acolyte’s promised attack on ADA — an attack we knew would come following the Enlightened victory at the massive Tokyo Anomaly last week.

This news was followed by rumors that ADA Refactors had disappeared from the Portal Network… one of the possible outcomes that I had predicted many weeks ago. Agents around the world helped contribute data in order to help us confirm that these rumors were true.

The second focal point this week was Susanna Moyer. One of her collaborators, a cameraman who I’m going to identify only as JP shared some information about trying to make contact with her in Tokyo. According to him, she was a no-show and all attempts to reach her had failed. She remains incommunicado.

That was the straightforward part of my conversation with JP. The other part, well, not so straightforward. He shared a bizarre story about meeting a group of Agents in an underground club in Akihabara who claimed to have some intel about Susanna. I’m not going to rehash the whole thing here, I’d suggest you read it in full. If the story is true, it reveals some interesting (and disturbing) information about Susanna, and maybe even ADA too…

There was one other piece of news this week, the emergence of new Portals connected to MUFG across the US West Coast — Agents have already confirmed that they have been able to hack MUFG Capsules from these new Portals, so if you’re near one, take advantage of it.

I have a suspicion, based on JP’s story about the Agents in Akihabara, that there’s more to learn about the attack on ADA, possibly even about how ADA may have planned for it.

If she did… well… that’s for us to investigate in the coming week…

Until next time.


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