The Underground


Gather ’round, folks. Time for a Weird Tale. Not necessarily Robert. E. Howard weird, but I imagine if he was still around, he’d be intrigued by this one.

Yesterday when I shared JP’s story about failing to connect with Susanna in Tokyo, I left out a fair chunk of what he told me. It was outlandish, and I couldn’t publish it in good faith without doing some cursory fact checking.

Today, I’ve confirmed that at least part of his story is true, so for better or worse, here it goes:

After failing to make contact with Susanna, JP was told to talk to a group of Resistance Agents who might have additional information for him. He was told to wait for an escort in a small alley in Akihabara, so he did.

This was after the Anomaly had ended. Night approaching. The Resistance had lost and were bracing for the attack on ADA that they and all of us knew would come. The mood was tense.

JP was lead through a small series of underground storage spaces under an electronics shop. He finally reached a back room where a group of Resistance Agents were apparently having a quiet but extremely serious discussion. JP doesn’t speak Japanese, and these guys didn’t speak much English, but they got by through a combination of broken phrases and Google Translate. He was trying to learn what they knew about Susanna but they didn’t have much to offer. His interpretation of their conversation was that the ‘New Enlightened’ or ‘The New Ones’ (translation unclear) had taken Susanna under their wing. They had changed her somehow. She got sick, then she got better, then she got strange. All of this in just a few days. They said by the time Susanna had left to go face Jahan, she was a ‘New One’ too. JP said that the way they phrased it was that ‘Susanna had found her new skin.’

Did I mention the bit about Weird Tales?

Well, it gets even weirder.

As he was leaving, JP asked these guys about ADA. What they would do without her. If they were worried. JP says the main girl in the group just grinned at him and waved at a couple of the other Agents to lead JP out. JP says as he was leaving he noticed the main girl had some kind of small circuit board attached to back of her neck. The Agent who escorted him out had a chip or something similar on his arm, too. Grafted in somehow.

You may be asking yourself just how much of this story I was able to confirm that I’m now publishing these details. Some, but not all. I was able to confirm that JP went to Akihabara after the Anomaly and met someone there. And I was able to find a few more people who, independently, told me about a group of Resistance Agents that have been experimenting with some weird stuff for the last few months. One of those groups operates out of Akihabara. Apparently, the movement began when those Agents began receiving detailed instructions for performing simple biohacks from an unknown source.

What does this all mean? You tell me in the comments.


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