Connecting to the Cosmos


It seems my story about the underground club in Akihabara yesterday caught Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s eye.

Here’s what he had to say about it:

I suspected that taking ADA offline would have far-reaching consequences. It may force the creation of something more powerful and less vulnerable than ADA ever could have been.

The story about the underground club in Akihabara leads me to believe that so-called New Wave operatives have begun what I have been considering an inevitability as far back as Niantic. To be fair, many have discussed the possible forms a technological singularity would take.

Shortly, we will all be connected to aspects of the cosmos that only technology can enable. At that point will be that different from ADA?4d;rkgsqfgkrq3ggsgswd5e

Oliver Lynton-Wolfe via Google+


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