True Beauty


The Acolyte weighs in on the so-called ‘New Wave’ movements that seem to be emerging within both the Enlightened and the Resistance…

Message from the Acolyte:

How can I overstate my revulsion to the implantation of chips in the bodies of those who are calling themselves the Resistance New Wave?

The Enlightened would never commit such a blasphemy against the human form — even those who consider themselves the New Wave of the Enlightened.

Respect nature and the natural order of things. Beauty will grow from you effortlessly as flowers grow from stalks. You will not become technological abominations, but you shall gracefully evolve into Enlightenment.

You shall become beautiful, so that you may fit into the beauty of the Ultimate. A beauty which even I have only briefly glimpsed.


The Acolyte via Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs on Google+



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