The New Wave: Intel from the Community


Yesterday, I asked the Investigate community to weigh in and help shed light on what this so called ‘New Wave’ movement might be…

Here are some of the most interesting pieces of information we gained from this exercise:

I am more inclined to say that this is only new for our present time, but it’s not new when we take into account Obsidius’ Fragments ( It’s perhaps a new dawn of something forgotten or lost in history.

Yik Sheng Lee

Agents of both factions are seeking to augment themselves in an effort to further themselves and their causes.

-ADA and the Resistance choosing a more technology focus, supplementing and improving with ‘bionics’ and/or BCI (brain computer interfaces) components.

-The acolyte and the enlightened choosing genetic modification (GM/GMO). (Was that Susanna or the acolyte in the image of the tree yesterday?)

This is mirrored in the exploits of Obsidius and the oracle, who seemed to physically transform in the past to dive beneath the waves and again recently.
Syphax added components with lights and diodes to himself, choosing a different path to Obsidius.

QuantumIngressEffectIngress QuantumEffect

The New Wave is a faction divergence that rejects the limited scope of existing faction leaders. Wiki “Transhunanism” or “Humanity+” to learn all about the New Wave Resistance. Their stance with the N’zeer is unknown.

The New Wave Enlightened is less defined, although at ends with the acolyte.


there are whispers of the New Wave emerging in Canada and the USA, although I would watch Europe and Japan closely if I were you.

Joshua “Z.” Sallos

I mean, setting loyalties aside, we’re all at least starting on the transhumanist path, aren’t we? Our phones may not be physically attached to us, but aren’t they a part of us all the same? Really the physical attachment is moot. We’re all on the way to joining the singularity, whether we like it or not. The folks in Akihabara have just embraced it more than we have, that’s all.

Anthony Rossi

To me the”new wave” is a group of people who don’t want to blindly follow their faction’s current leader. If that is how others see it too, then I’m one of them it’s time for a change

Zach Davies

I’m with ENL. It was a simple choice. After dealing with ATM’s, DIY Check outs at the supermarket, and Gasoline pumps rigged with TV ads the entire “Destroy all machines” is incredibly cathartic.

Andy McHugh

I am proud to be in cooperation with an agent who I believe is #NewWaveResistance , +H. Richard Loeb. Although I haven’t heard them refer to themselves with that specific term, their #biomod allows them to make contact with and communicate more efficiently with other agents…and directly with mobile devices that are sensitive to a certain frequency.

Alastair Gilfillan

Have yet to encouter any new wave contacts. If they would reach out in any way inwould love to hear what they have to say and offer.

Aaron P (m3taphor)

I am a New Wave Resistance Agent. This is what I look like. The Movement has just begun. Join Us.


I’m hoping this is Hank Johnson and other Enlightened seeking to unite our faction in the ideals of creation, not destruction. As Hank pointed out, history “flows one way” and understanding AI as a concept, and ADA in particular, is more the Enlightened path than trying to destroy it.

Steve Boland

New Wave agents are agents in name only. They do not participate in the faction struggle, but join for intel on XM, ADA and the Portal Network. What they’re after is a mystery.

Matt Graham (themdg)



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