Art and Power

Hank Johnson weighs in on the New Wave with some interesting thoughts and ideas that connect this relatively new phenomenon to the ancient world.

Been thinking about this ‘New Wave’ stuff. I haven’t met any New Wavers myself yet, but I’m fascinated by the concept.

Biohacking (on the Resistance side) and whatever is going on in the Enlightened New Wave (is it some kind of genetic hack? or some kind of xm based transformation? or is it just art?), it makes sense to me.

We’ve been doing it for thousands of years.

We tend to think of the human form as something stable, something that hasn’t really changed because we’ve been able to use society to depressurize the evolutionary systems around us, but that’s not really the case. We’ve always shaped our bodies to face the environment around us.

Take tribal tattoos and body modification as an example. They didn’t engage in that practice purely for aesthetic reasons. They were channeling gods, spirits and a myriad of other invisible powers in the universe. They used it to guide the hunt, to create more powerful warriors or mothers, to enhance themselves against the dangers they faced.

And the thing is, I think it worked. We take for granted that a person powered by adrenaline can perform extraordinary physical feats to save their child. That’s just mind over body, and I think it’s something we’ve done all along.

So, maybe biohacks, genetic hacks, xm augmentation, body painting and ornamentation — maybe they really are channeling something powerful — if you believe they are.

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