Interesting story behind this image. Apparently, the Acolyte held a small workshop earlier today with a group of dedicated Enlightened Agents in Northern California. I don’t know much about what she talked about, I’m pretty sure if we all had to guess, the results would be pretty similar. This image was printed on a small card she shared with each of the attendees. A reminder of some of the key philosophical ideas she had spoken about earlier in the day.

Transcript of the card:

Breathe in deeply at the Portals.

The XM will carry your breath.

Speak to the Portals with Glyphs.

Hear them respond.7F}0nR:2fv1,21dZP%lkPXV!P8mG.217-aXl^Z(GJVD9@WBYi3_2MBoT?2zk0:H27x

Allow our Friends into your consciousness.

Transformation shall be as natural as growth.

As a chrysalis becomes a butterfly.

Inhale. Radiate. This is Enlightenment.

Each Portal receives your breath and gives you breath.

We are entwined. Past, present and future.



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