Our Investigation this week has focused largely on one topic: The New Wave movements that seem to be emerging from within both Factions. Everyone agrees that they are happening… But what defines them? Who are they? What do they stand for and how to they manifest and express themselves?

These are things we are still learning — the opinions have been diverse with some common threads.

Early in the week, we heard from Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, who suggested that the technological augmentation taking place within the Resistance New Wave would shorten the distance that separates traditional (human) intelligence and future intelligences (like ADA).

The Acolyte responded with derision: She called the Resistance New Wave a blasphemy against the human form, and advised New Wave Enlightened to embrace Nature. Later in the week, she held a workshop for a small group in Northern California, and reiterated this stance, reminding the Enlightened that we and the Portals have a symbiotic relationship (this is something Jarvis had also spoken of some years ago).

On Wednesday, I asked the community to weigh in with their knowledge and intel. What came back was a combination of fascinating observations and strong opinions. One of the common threads seemed to be a desire for the New Wavers to return to the ideological and philosophical roots of their Factions.

The final opinion on the New Wave movement this week, and one of the more interesting ones, was Hank Johnson’s. He saw a common thread connecting the physical manifestation of the New Wave with tribal traditions that have been part of our heritage for millennia, traditions like war-paint and tattoos, which members of those tribal communities believed would augment them with hidden powers of the universe. It’s a profound observation, and recommended reading from my POV.

Until next time.


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