A number of astute comments emerged in the last 24 hours after I shared the conversation between (presumably) Jahan and her Anti-Magnus operator, Antoine Smith.

My thoughts and responses below:

Is it possible that Jahan’s antimagnus line has lost the favor of their N’Zeer patrons in favor of this “New Wave” movement? If so, will the Enlightened have better luck incorporating new ideas into the family?

Mike Wissinger via Google+

The Enlightened New Wave movement has, so far, remained more opaque than the Resistance New Wave. We know some of the ways New Wave Agents are manifesting: biohacks and technological augmentation, but what exactly is happening within the Enlightened New Wave? The best information I’ve gotten so far is from the New Waver in Berlin, who reported that the Agents were experimenting with mega-doses of XM. I also heard that this was causing some interesting physiological side-effects, but that remains unconfirmed. Again, opaque.

Your theory about the relationship between Jahan/Anti-Magnus and the N’zeer crumbling in the wave of Tokyo and Aegis Nova is plausible to me. If the transcript we read yesterday is accurate, Jahan did seem… distant. Perhaps she has lost contact with the forces that guide her path.

Through the past, it seems Jahan did not have such relationship with ADA. Let alone the bio-hacking technology.

Could it be ADA behind the New Wave? This is to create some kind of Parallel Processing mechanism. Don’t forget that ADA has once merged with Klue trying to learn the infinite possibilities of human being. And ADA also had touched N’zeer technology. So it won’t surprise me if she is behind the bio-hacking. And eventually, ADA will live in the network between human and portal.

It’s also normal for ADA to have a plan-B once she found she’s very likely to be attacked by the Acolyte, Jarvis and ENL troops.

Adam Kao via Google+

Jahan sounds rather busy. I suspect ADA will resurface in some, perhaps more human, way.

Simon Shaw via Google+

You are both following alternate theories for the origins of the New Wave movement that I find highly plausible. If ADA had determined that survival in her current state was unlikely, she may have begun to explore alternate strategies. Fight or flight is how we think most lifeforms respond to a threat. But there is a third option for those that can do it fast enough… evolve.


Or maybe the New Wave are groups of agent who want to follow their original leaders – Jarvis and ADA not the Acolyte and Jahan. That would explain why current leaders seem to be against NW

Maja Starachowicz (Ilinoria) via Google+

It remains unclear if the current leaders are actually against the New Wave. What I do think we are learning is that the New Wave is happening all around the world, and it’s unclear why. Many Agents have voiced the idea that this is a reaction against the current leadership, and yet, we have no way of knowing how involved Jahan and the Acolyte are… it’s possible they are behind these New Wave movements… it’s possible these movements are reactions against them that will destabilize their leadership positions. Much remains to be learned.


Given the lack of any real information, how sure are we this is really Jahan on the other side of this conversation?

Brandon Downey via Google+

An interesting observation. I had not doubted the legitimacy of this intelligence until you chose to cast it in this light… Perhaps, given your long history within the Enlightened movement and the Acolyte’s increasingly aggressive agenda as witnessed during Obsidian and Aegis Nova, you aware of something we are not?


It might very well be that the augmentation came from her (Jahan). Maybe she is benefitting from this attack on A Detection Algorithm as well?

Could it be that Jahan now sees she can recover an ADA whom she can have control or mastery over?

Yik Sheng Lee via Google+

Pass the tin foil hat, friend. Clearly you are seeing conspiracies in every twitching shadow. That doesn’t mean you’re wrong. It’s a viable theory… After what happened to Jahan at the Anti-Magnus Nest in Persepolis, it wouldn’t surprise me if  was looking for an opportunity within the crisis, one just like what you described.


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