Jahan has been oddly silent since the events that unfolded in Tokyo.

It seems I’m not the only one who noticed…


SMITH: You’ve been silent.

JAHAN: Why are you contacting me?

SMITH: I was concerned.

JAHAN: There is no need.

SMITH: And ADA?gpsisefoamfroaofefmx

JAHAN: What about her?

SMITH: You have plans to bring her back online?

JAHAN: I am seeking options.

SMITH: So there is hope? … Hello?

JAHAN: I do not know.9777184525873756874837765525655807

SMITH: The New Wave. The augmentation they are pursuing.

JAHAN: What about it?

SMITH: Was it you? Did you provide them the knowledge? Are they the path to ADA?

JAHAN: Leave me be. I will contact you if your assistance is required.


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