An Agent sent this new Obsidius fragment to Hank Johnson, and shared an interesting story about how it was recovered…

Here’s what Hank had to say:

An Agent sent this my way. They claim to have recovered it near a long barrow. It wasn’t clear which one, but I suspect Salisbury.

He claimed to be a New Wave Agent. Enlightened. I asked him which Portal he was able to recover this from. He was silent for some time — I thought maybe we had gotten disconnected — then he said something I didn’t quite understand. He said he had reached into the space between the Portals to find it. He said that it was something only a New Waver could do.

I’m not sure what to make of that. Going to chew on it.qrmnrhsi8p73fo70026oy139

In the mean time, this new information about Obsidius gives me something to occupy front of mine.

Hank Johnson via Google+

And here’s a transcript of the Obsidius fragment:

Our wanderings have become almost dreamlike.

We followed lines scratched by ancient hands in Britannia to an inner chamber in an unnatural barrel-shaped hill. Inside were granite monoliths and a heavy mist. But when the mist cleared, we were no longer inside the hill.qg5i5olhaimm23xvakwrzi

Instead, we were standing amidst other monoliths chiseled with the same glyphs we have seen elsewhere.

This was a place unlike any I have seen before. It was desert, but not like that of Egypt or North Africa. Tall mountains were all around us, and above us lush hills. Great steps led us to an enormous snaking river with foliage so dense that we could not see the sky in parts.


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