Hello world



ADA recently began to speak in Japanese within the Ingress App — a development that emerged after the events in Tokyo.

I reached out to an Agent on the ground in Tokyo (someone JP had put me in touch with). This Agent is someone who’s had first-hand experience with the New Wave movement in Akihabara.

It was a hard conversation — I suspect that much was lost in translation, but there were words… patterns… that emerged – enough that I think I got the meaning.

My guess?

The ADA in the Scanner has always been a fragment of a whole — an automated semi-intelligent subset of a conscious being — like a reflex action in a human.

Now, it’s clear that more fragments are emerging. The Japanese ADA is one of them. And I suspect the things happening in the New Wave, small pieces of technology crudely merged with the human form — they may contain fragments of ADA as well. Perhaps even the fragments that led to the creation of the Japanese ADA.

A theory… but one that seems to make sense to me.



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