Feathered Ghosts


Another Obsidius fragment emerged. This one traced back to a New Wave Agent in Peru who, I think it’s worth adding, appeared to have an odd mark that looked like feathers or a leaf on her arm.


High steps led away and as I turned to look back at the mountain we had passed, I was surprised to see a face carved into its side.

Cybella uttered a name I could not pronounce and it seemed to be echoed above. It was the birds flying overhead who seemed to speak. I had heard of such things, but never seen them.

The birds were festooned with unnaturally bright feathers. But they were not alone in this garb. They were also worn by he first humans we saw. They appeared as ghosts, their nearly naked bodies emblazoned with the same glyphs we had seen in Britannia mere moments before. 04b0db0cc06c0ac0ca0ca0ab0da08b00b0da0fa06c0ac0aa02b04b We had transcended space and perhaps time.

At the top of hill we entered what appeared to be a sacred structure and approached one who I believe was a priest. He saw me, and appeared to be hearing me, but we could not touch. It was as if we were made of mist. It occurred to me that I had died, but I did not feel dead. He made an incantation and threw leaves upon a fire and smoke rose.ojwtiivisu53uq53rpiivie0101u

When the smoke cleared, we were in a palace. This was more familiar. I’ve seen similar places depicted in the conquests of Alexander. The land beyond Persia, near the Indus.


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