Beneath the events of the week, the common thread remains our slowly expanding awareness of and knowledge about the movements known as the New Wave.

On Monday, a new variant of the NIA’s XM Detection Vehicle, NL-1331, was spotted in Europe. Known as NL-1331e, reports have suggested that the NIA has performed multiple enhancements to the vehicle’s capabilities. The intel emerged alongside an anecdote about an Enlightened New Wave group in Berlin that’s been working together to build communal artworks which they then use as sources for massive XM doses.

Tuesday shed some light into Jahan’s recent activities — the question of whether or not she’s been behind the Resistance New Wave remained unanswered. If nothing else, this intel showed us a different aspect of the Resistance leader — quiet and brooding. Is she nursing her wounds or plotting something? It’s too soon to tell.

The emergence of Jahan led to a number of interesting observations from within the community — Investigators both new and old shared their views on the New Wave Movement, ADA’s current status and Jahan’s possible paths forward.

Speaking of ADA, I recently learned that a new fragment of her has emerged in the Ingress Scanner app. For Agents in Japan, the ADA code in the Scanner is now able to keep them up to date in Japanese. Interestingly, this new capability emerged after the events of the Aegis Nova Tokyo Anomaly. I suspect that the Resistance New Wave group in Akihabara may be doing more than just dabbling in augmenting their bodies with technology… they may be involved in these recent developments regarding ADA as well. However, I have no way of proving this.

Two new Obsidius fragments emerged late in the week, both via Agents who claim to be members of Enlightened New Wave groups. These fragments revealed a different phase of the ancient explorer’s journey. Or are they a dream? They seem to suggest that Obsidius was able to transport himself across vast distances… perhaps entire continents, in mere seconds. I suspect there is more to uncover here…

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