A Trance across Time


Obsidius and Cybella’s strange journey through space and time continues. Where are they now? Where are they transported to in the final words of this fragment?


The palace seemed to undulate. At times it had garishly painted domes and intricate sculpture of strange people with multiple arms and beasts similar to the elephants of Carthage and others utterly fanciful. In one room was a frieze of Ishkandar as he is called in that land with lion’s helmet, Bucephalus rearing, and him shouting orders to his companions.

Cybella led me deeper and deeper into the structure and in a vault underneath we saw what appeared to be sacred objects set out as if in a museum of the Greeks. There amulets, daggers, vials, texts, obelisks, writing implements, and all manner of things seemed to glow as if they were of divine origin.

Cybella and I saw a woman sitting alone in the darkness. She appeared to be in a deep meditation. She began at first uttering words and it turned slowly into a trance. She seemed quite conflicted. Cybella sat next to her and watched as she chanted, trying to summon gods or other beings. Cybella spoke: ‘She is of a different time. The voices are not responding to her,’ she tried to touch her and her hand passed through as if the meditating woman was but air.axxzqqzzzzz88pozrcq8fjcpf1jpqp

Again the mist came. This time it was blue. Again we were transitioning to another place and another time, if indeed we still were bound to time at all.52639432433243329271536373328142336332435172

Now we were in a different place. We stood in a grove of trees which grew from sapling to an enormity I have not seen elsewhere.


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