Water and Waves


Obsidius and Cybella, for lack of a better phrase, unstuck in time, continue their journey into moments that should be familiar to all of us who have been following the Investigation. How did they enter this fluid vision state? And why?


In front of the forest, enormous ocean waves which no ship of the Mare Nostrum could withstand crashed against jagged rocks and tall cliffs. Before us in the ocean was an island that in the fluttering light appeared to be an enormous sea turtle along with rocks carved to look like slithering serpents. The elaborately carved rocks were worn and jagged and covered with odd plants. In time, buildings of unknown construction, seeming almost to be designed to blend into the forest and the ocean appeared and vanished. Figures walked past in green.3tui2557nmcd

We gained a brief glimpse of their leader. She had fiery red hair not unlike the people near the barrel-shaped hill.

There were men who appeared to be warriors with her. Some had leaves or feathers painted onto their skin, or perhaps they were attached in some other fashion. The fire-haired woman stopped for a moment to watch a wave crashing over the rocks. The waves seemed to transfix her for a time. Then, she stepped to a small building and we followed. Inside was a man laid out in effigy and a Celtic woman with enormous blue eyes and raven hair staring blankly as if speaking to the corpse which seemed to pulsate with a green glow. Cybella vanished as I stood in this room. I watched the effigy seem to undulate between rotting flesh and a glowing jade.


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