Gold and Blood


This one was tricky for me, but the clues are all there. I finally figured it out, I suspect you all will too…


A stench filled the room. I did not want to stay. The red-haired woman left and we followed her. A man approached and they spoke briefly. Cybella said, ‘Sikander.’ The man looked nothing like Alexander to me, but I had a clear feeling that people come and go in history in different forms, but the essential person remains the same. Cybella stood over a place that glowed with a pulsing light. Again the mist, though it was not an earthly mist, but that is the best word I can use to describe it. Again we were transported to another place.629sy1L514ua0212

We stood on baked ground. The world flickered and clouds raced across the sky. It was as if many seasons passed in a second. First there were the men with feathered helmets who reminded me of the ones we saw in the valley with the snaking river. This place felt lost. Men were drawn to it for apparently no reason. They wore ornate helmets of a design which was not unlike some cavalry helmets the Romans wear. Some wore robes and crosses. They dug and emerged with gold. They built wooden fortresses. More and more men came. Shacks and tents and structures were built. More and more gold emerged. They built furnaces and worked with crucibles. The feathered warriors returned. They battled. The men had sticks that shot fire and gleaming breast plates. They returned the gold to the earth in bars and coins.


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