Obsidius and Cybella glimpse into a moment in the Investigation’s recent history, perhaps revealing something that took place in hidden corners around the world following the Aegis Nova Anomaly in Tokyo. The purpose of their strange journey seems to be coming into focus for me.


“What does it mean? Why these places? Why us?”

“Do not assume that those shown these things are those who are intended to understand them.”

“Then who is to understand it?”

“I am to interpret. You are to remember. Others are to understand.”

I did not have time to ponder Cybella’s cryptic wisdom, for in another fleeting moment, we stood in a dark space surrounded by a multitude of people dressed in garbs of green and blue.

The raven haired woman we had seen at the palace stood before the crowd and spoke. I did not understand her, and though she seemed angry, many cheered her words. Some did not. A group of men and women in blue began to quietly move away from the celebrating mass of people. “We are to follow them,” Cybella said.

They moved with purpose and determination, leading us through streets filled with light and color. Across time and space I had not yet seen such an amazing sight. Then, they descended beneath the street.

I saw now that these people had strange jewelry of intricate green, amber and black stone and fine silver upon their skin, on their arms, their torsos, their necks, their legs. The jewelry seemed to be woven into their very skin. For a moment, it seemed that this jewelry began to glow, then we were thrown into space and time once more. In the blur of images that passed, I thought I saw many other similar spaces. The men and women in blue. Their faces grim. Their jewelry aglow.


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