We’ve spent the week looking into the past… Or maybe not. Maybe the past was acting as a lens to allow us look across time: Past, present and future.

Towards the end of last week, new Obsidius fragments began to emerge thanks to New Wave groups around the world. Over the course of the last few days, those fragments have transported us to a number of places and times connected to the world of Ingress.

On Monday, we glimpsed (I suspect… one has to unravel this from the clues within each fragment) into Jahan’s palace. My sense is we were seeing her in the wake of her defeat in Tokyo. Cybella said ‘The voices are not responding to her,’ and I can’t help but wonder if Jahan’s access to the N’zeer has changed after what happened to ADA.

Next, we were transported to the forests of Northern California. The Acolyte was there, and we stepped into the cabin where Klue is, or was, being held — near the otherworldly body of Roland Jarvis. Klue’s current status remains unknown — and the Acolyte has not been forthcoming about information related to her./mu79634oo

In the next moment, we were in Texas. The San Saba mines. The site drew men to it, tempted them, then disappear into the mist of history, never to be found again. Well, not quite. There are rumors that Hank Johnson uncovered a Dark XM mining operation being run by one of Hulong Transglobal’s subsidiaries at a location that may actually have been the San Saba mines. Hank Johnson is one of those few unique sensitives who can find Portals buried by history on instinct alone.

Then, we were underground. I suspect we were gazing into the WWII era labs where XM infused researchers were working on secret projects like Die Glocke and Jörmungandr.

On Friday, we were in familiar turf — the aftermath of the Tokyo Anomaly. We were able to watch as the Resistance New Wave Agents went to work on what seemed to be a secret plan to protect some portion of ADA in the wake of the impending attack by the Acolyte and Jarvis.

And then finally, on Saturday, I suspect we glimpsed into the future. A festival of some kind in Northern California where Agents worked together to build works of art — completing a circle — the Portals can bring with them inspiration and creativity — and that inspiration and creativity can in turn create new Portals.

I’ve been ruminating on these fragments all week… According to Cybella, the visions she and Obsidius saw were intended for another audience… us. But why?

Perhaps, as the New Wave emerges across the world, it’s a reminder.

For those who have been with the Investigation for months and years: that different eras have existed in the interaction between XM and humanity — some dark, some hopeful, but each distinct. The New Wave is no different, a new chapter filled with possibilities and mystery just like the others.

For those who are just learning about this strange new world, those who call themselves the New Wave: that XM has been a part of human history for centuries. One cannot build in the future without understanding the past.

Past, present and future. Understand how they are connected has always been the key to immeasurable power, and critical for reaching the truth.

Until next time.



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