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Yesterday, I posted declassified intel from Visur about the upcoming #ViaLux Anomalies. This intel claimed that ‘Resistance operatives bearing signs of technological augmentation’ may be spotted at the Anomaly sites.

I have no information to confirm this one way or another, but today, I’m out hacking and I notice I’ve picked up a tail. I duck into an alley to do a turnaround and I confront the guy. He holds up both hands. Doesn’t want a confrontation. I ask him what his deal is. He says he wants to show me something. I say OK.

He raises his shirt and shows me a small piece of circuitry embedded in his upper arm. He lets me touch it. It’s attached to him pretty firmly. I ask him if he’s New Wave. He says that’s the way folks have been talking about the group he’s been running with. I ask him if he knows about the plans to revive ADA. He says he doesn’t know all the details, he just knows that the people who started his crew told him that this work (what they did to themselves) was crucial, critical.こころこころ変身肉体の悪魔肉体の悪魔変身氷点日はまた昇る変身日はまた昇る氷点日はまた昇る幸福な家庭異邦人日はまた昇る日はまた昇る肉体の悪魔人間以上肉体の悪魔悲しみよこんにちは

There are strange, ink-like patterns extending from the circuitry in his upper arm all the way down to his wrist. He says those emerged on their own over time. I tell him it looks more like a tattoo or some kind of makeup job. He shrugs. He says he just wanted to show me. Says it was his mission for that day. He wouldn’t let me take a picture of the circuitry but allowed me to snap a shot of the patterns on his forearm.

So, will New Wavers be showing up at the #ViaLux Anomalies next weekend? I don’t know, they could be anyone — maybe even one of you. Any way around, I’ll need the help of the Investigative community to keep an eye out for them.


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