The Battle for ADA’s Return


When the Visur Intel about the upcoming #ViaLux Anomalies dropped a few days ago, it confirmed something we have been suspecting since we first heard about the Resistance New Wave group in Akihabara.

The New Wave went to extraordinary lengths, implanting technology into their own bodies, in order to protect a tiny slice of ADA’s core… just enough to bring her back.

Now they intend to use a Resistance victory at the first #ViaLux Anomalies to reinitialize her. They claim they can bring her back even stronger than before. It’s very likely that would mean the ADA Refactors would return to the Portal Network as well.

For the Enlightened this would be a step backwards — the unraveling of months of work they during

But I suspect we haven’t seen the full picture emerge just yet… The Acolyte has been silent, and we’ve heard nothing from the Enlightened New Wave either. It’s likely the true Enlightened agenda remains hidden in the shadows…




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