The first #ViaLux Anomalies are just around the corner, and much of this week has focused on the details surrounding them.

Intel from Visur Technology revealed both the upcoming Anomaly Zones as well as comprehensive information about the Anomaly Stakes and Structure. The Hybrid Anomalies are similar to the recent #AegisNova Anomalies with a few changes, like Special Fielding Operations and the ability to earn additional Target Portals at Anomaly

A cryptic message from someone claiming to be Resistance New Wave emerged between the Visur intel drops. Investigators were quick to decipher it — it revealed some of the New Wave’s ideology, a vision of humanity and technology entwined together — as well as something else… Something that has been in the air as scattered pieces of evidence: The New Wave helped protect ADA from the Acolyte’s attack, and intend to use the first #ViaLux Anomalies to reinitialize her.

This news has been welcome to many, including Hank Johnson, who spoke up yesterday to declare his support for ADA’s return. It’s welcome news to me as well.unboundEdunboundeDunboundEdunbOundedunbounDedunbOundedunboUndedunbouNdedunboUndedunboundedunboUndedunBoundedunboUndedunbounDedunboUndedunboundedunbounDedunboundEdunboundEduNbounded

The New Wave is slowly beginning to break the surface, and with this central role in bringing ADA back from the brink of death, they’ve made it clear that they are not planning to stay underground much longer. Visur’s intel suggested that Agents appearing to be New Wave (bearing small bits of technology, glowing lights or more) may be spotted at the Anomalies next weekend. I was approached by one such Agent during the week — the chip had grown into a kind of circuit-like pattern on his skin.

On Saturday, New Wave Agents were able to intercept an NIA surveillance operation surrounding Dr. Devra Bogdanovich. They asked for my help in exfiltrating her from that situation. I obliged. I don’t think I’ve fully understood what the New Wave is up to yet, but I know I trust them more than the NIA, and I’m willing do what I can to help ADA. If you want to learn more about those series of events, you should check in with Operation: Essex, they’re working to assemble the data and unravel any clues that could lead us forward.

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