Devra Surveillance Op


So what the hell happened on Saturday? I owe you an explanation, and I want to start out by telling the Enlightened that I was not complicit in any New Wave Resistance conspiracy to exfiltrate Devra Bogdanovich to Wroclaw.91f6xuxfzyfzyfzyxcf8y5cpcyzn

I received a tip from the New Wave Resistance Agent had who approached me the other day to meet a contact at a restaurant near Strathmore Community College. I knew from my research that this was where Devra has been teaching since her ‘resignation’ from her previous tenured position (I don’t think the resignation was her idea).

When I got there, it was clear what was going down. Another professor named James Blake (Anthropology) was having dinner with her. I believe it was a date. A little research turned up that Blake, like Devra, had resigned from a prestigious university and found himself at Strathmore (which is notoriously hard to Google as of Saturday, I’m wondering if the NIA have tried to bury all information about the place — it could even be that the entire college is an NIA operation, but that’s all speculation).o>O(N”(“_m{leL({“{BoLlO_GlLN_LcLlL[j9%_>uL(#>_>G>.g'[“ooJLlLo.^LL’_’D-l9Lf{_o’

Blake appears to be a regular guy and an authentic scholar. My guess is that he was a patsy for the NIA, who were running a surveillance op for reasons unknown (the surveillance op has been pieced together from the multiple sources by members of Operation: Essex). The conversation traveled into dangerous areas and my New Wave contact told me things might be getting out of hand, so I extracted Devra. That’s pretty much all there is to tell.


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