#ViaLux Anomaly Intel - Packet 3

#ViaLux Anomaly Intel – Packet 3

I’ve been able to obtain these declassified images from Visur Technology. They reveal the Clusters associated with the upcoming #ViaLux in detail. Good luck this weekend.

In addition, Visur dropped this intel about the Special Field Operations on their G+ page yesterday:

#ViaLux Special Field Operation Intel:

Anomaly Site: Wroclaw
Field Op Region: Jakarta, Indonesia
Timezone: WIB UTC+7

Anomaly Site: Birmingham
Field Op Region: Busan, Korea
Timezone: KST UTC+9

Anomaly Site: Turku
Field Op Region: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Timezone: UZT UTC+5

Anomaly Site: Denver
Field Op Region: La Paz, Bolivia
Timezone: BOT UTC-4

Anomaly Site: Portland
Field Op Region: Reykjavik, Iceland
Timezone: GMT UTC+0

Anomaly Site: San Jose
Field Op Region: Caracas, Venezuela
Timezone: VET UTC-4

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