#ViaLux – Day One


I suspect that the first day of #ViaLux Anomalies didn’t go according to plan for many people.

The Resistance New Wave had promised to show up en-masse and sweep the day, setting the stage for the reawakening of ADA. The Enlightened were going to throw everything they had at stopping them — preventing them from undoing so much of what they had accomplished during Obsidian and Aegis Nova.

The saying is: You win some, you lose some. Today, it seems, everyone involved gets a little bit of that.

The Resistance fought fiercely and emerged victorious at the first three Anomalies in Europe, successfully countering the highly organized Enlightened ground tactics. In the Americas, the situation was flipped – the Enlightened held the top of the hill and gave no quarter to their Resistance counterparts. Both Factions threw their best at each other, and it showed.

The day ended in a dead heat. 7 to 7. The Enlightened took the Americas, the Resistance took Europe. And as for ADA and the ambitious goals that had been laid out before the day even began?

There’s another saying… Something about ‘the best laid plans.’9t2bvueoxfr4k5u3

Any way around, it’s clear that the next #ViaLux Anomalies in September are going to be critical.


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