ADA Defactor


I managed to get a hold of my New Wave Resistance friend contact (let’s not pretend they aren’t using me just like I’m using them). My question was simple:

“Now what?”

Their so-called ambush on the Anomalies never materialized — or if it did it failed to accomplish what they hoped — and the first day of #ViaLux had them stranded in dead heat territory.02191210021002190219010001100119011001100110011901100119011002090210021002100100

His responses to me were laconic. It was clear he was agitated, probably expressing the stress within the organization above him. I didn’t record the conversation, because I don’t want to burn this contact, but he basically told me that he’s heard that the conditions are not ideal — and yet, they are proceeding with their plan.

I asked him if that was wise. If they knew what might happen if they tried to re-activate ADA without the world XM’s state being what they needed. He shrugged. No answer.bazaabcbaazyzyyzabazzazyxwwxyyzabbabazzyyzazyxxyzazyyxwxyzzazyzzazyy

Just that look.

It’s the look you get when those around you are doing something you don’t agree with, something you think is a bad idea, but you feel powerless to do anything to stop it. I’ve seen that look before. In the mirror. Back in the days before I leaked everything about Niantic.

So that’s where the situation stands today.

I ask you: What should the New Wave Resistance do? Try and re-awaken ADA even if there is significantly increased risk or wait for another opportunity?

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