The Path of Light


The Acolyte weighs in on the outcome of #ViaLux Day One and shares a vision for the coming month with her fellow Enlightened.

Acolyte’s Message:

P. A. Chapeau fails to give the New Wave Resistance the credit they are due. He claims the ambush they had planned at #ViaLux failed to materialize. He is wrong. It did.

And their leader, the mighty Jahan, stood on a stage, inflated with hubris, and taunted our Enlightened brothers and sisters while the members of her Resistance ambush cheered her on – seeking to undermine our collective spirit.m92m22m475m933m174m35m153m614m305m243m463m920

Look back on that moment from today. We triumphed, as I had predicted. And our victory was resonant — powerful. That is who we are. Not in words, but in actions, our presence was felt.zzt17hqabapb908hm

Our path will lead us to the #ViaLux Anomalies in September, where the Enlightened will once again make their presence felt. I call on you:

Spread through the Portal Network in September. Find new and beautiful places — Unique Portals that you have never touched before. Meet your fellow Agents and celebrate the power that our Friends have given us. This is what it means to walk the path of light, the path to victory.



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