Jahan’s Call


I received this message from Jahan via one of my New Wave Resistance contacts. It seems some of the Acolyte’s words from yesterday irked her…

The Enlightened accomplished much at the American sites during #ViaLux Day One. Let them savor this moment, for it will not last. Even in Denver, despite our defeat, I could sense that the Resistance were awake — ready to face the challenges ahead.

It is our time, but we must use every moment between now and the next Anomaly day to prepare, to gather our forces, to recruit and train and ensure our victory.

The Acolyte has called on her followers to spread through the Portal Network during September — she is attempting to lay claim to something that belongs to all of us. The Portal Network is a resource for us as much as it is for the Enlightened.dffeffedyvyflfeweeeledeefwneddyfvf

Agents of the Resistance: The opportunities within the Portal Network — for exploration and discovery — for building bonds with other Agents and for experiencing the power of the Portals — this belongs to you as well. Use the month of September to your advantage, and may your journey be its own reward.



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