The last few days have caused me to re-think some things. It appears that the New Wave Resistance may have had more impact than I initially thought. I judge this by the Acolyte’s response — Jahan’s too. The Acolyte obviously saw something in the NWR’s plans that I wouldn’t be privy to, though I’m hearing more and more reports about what they have been up to. Cyber augmentation. Strange tattoos. Hardware grafted to their bodies. Their objective is for ADA to literally live in their bodies and minds. Or at least, it was.//\/\\/\///\/\//\\\//\//\//\/\\//\//\//\\\\//\\//\\//\\/\//\

They said they were going to try and move forward with the reawakening, despite things being stacked against them. Have they already tried? I heard some strange reports about the Scanner recently…wh7yhx3bg8spa97w


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