Hank Johnson received a tip about a lost Lovecraft/R. E. Howard story that could have some insight into XM and the world of Ingress. Developing…w⁻w⁺w⁻z⁰w⁻w⁺w⁺z⁰w⁻w⁻w⁺w⁺z⁰w⁺w⁺w⁻w⁻w⁻z⁰w⁺w⁺w⁺w⁺w⁺z⁰w⁻w⁻w⁻w⁻w⁺z⁰w⁺w⁺w⁻w⁻w⁻z⁰w⁺w⁺w⁺w⁻w⁻z⁰w⁻w⁻w⁺z⁰w⁻w⁻w⁺z⁰

Had a conversation earlier today with a friend who’s deep on Lovecraft and Howard. If you aren’t familiar with their role in the Investigation, it’s worth digging into, maybe one of our more experienced Investigators can share the top-line.

Anyway, this friend claimed he once got to see a fragment of a supposedly lost story — supposedly one that Howard and Lovecraft collaborated on. He said everything he saw about it made more sense to him once he started to learn about XM and Ingress from me. He said it described some kind of strange summoning event or ritual — I described an XM Anomaly to him and asked him if that sounded similar to the story — he said maybe, but not quite. This was something else.w@v*h>t@o@f^o@f>i%f#i>f$p(o$q(

I don’t have the story yet, he said he would try and get me to the trailhead.

I’ll let you know what I find.

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